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Hi, there. I'm Angie Ellington & I'm the official owner of Calico Paw Books; the one who pays the bills. However, the real QUEEN is Miss Callie Ellington; the Calico kitty behind the name (licks paw). Although she spends her days lounging on soft pillows & feeling a gentle breeze on her whiskers through opened windows of her home on warm days. She's finicky & discerning. It's only fitting that she, like many of her breed, be part of our bookery & gift shop's brand. 

As for me, I'm a local indie author with five titles & counting in the mashup genres of chick lit & sweet romance. It's been an ambition to have a gift shop of my own for some time, & as a writer, I decided why not incorporate two worlds into one. Then again, in the realm of reading & imagination, worlds are merging & developing continuously. It's all in where the next fantasy book may take you! 

Have a book club? We can order books for you if there's a specific title you'd like for pick-up at the store. 

Teachers, I've been there. I was one of you for six years. My college degree is in E.E. Stop by & let’s chat.

Angie & Callie


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