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Local Authors & Indie Authors We Support You!

We support indie! Please read our procedure for stocking independent or small published books via consignment. We offer the industry standard of 60/40. We will stock books for up to 60 days. After that time, we pay within one week. If you have books that did not sell, you have the option to either come in & pick them up or we can deduct from payment owed for media mail shipping to return them to you. If you owe more for shipping than any payment owed, you'd be responsible for that in order to have books returned. You have 10 days after being notified to complete one of these options. Otherwise, any remaining copies will be donated. We prefer to stock no more than five books for a title. If we need more, we will contact you. If sending more than one title, limit quantities to two copies of each title with no more than three titles total. Books must be properly formatted, with an ISBN on the back or spine of the book with a professional looking cover. We are open to cookbooks, as well, but the same sales split applies. We do not carry any items that we are not able to receive profit from. Please email us via the contact form on our website & include your website, any information we should know as far as awards, etc. Tell us a little about your genre.

NOTE: We are not booking signings at the moment, but are taking emails in regards to them. Do not message on social media in regards to a signing or consignment. Use our contact form to send us a brief intro about yourself & your books. 

Book Signing Events! We love a book signing. We offer a 70/30 split for book signings to allow for those traveling. All transactions must run through the store at full price for these events. Authors must provide copies of their books. We ask that you bring at least one title with at least 20 copies. I wouldn't recommend more than that, unless you are bringing more than one title. Then, perhaps, 10 of each title would likely be sufficient. Book signings can be hit or miss, but it's such a wonderful opportunity to introduce your work to new & current readers! Plus, they're fun. 

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